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Bad Moon Rising: Trouble on the way – Is blood moon one more omen world spiraling towards greater peril?

October 8, 2014

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :

Bad Moon Rising TEP
October 2014SIERRA LEONEThe Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation says bodies of Ebola victims have been left in the streets because of a strike by burial teams, who complain they have not been paid. Health Ministry spokesman Sidie Yahya Tunis says the situation is “very embarrassing” and said money was available to pay the teams. He promised to provide more information on Wednesday. The World Health Organization says Ebola is believed to have killed more than 600 people in Sierra Leone. In Spain, officials said a fourth person has been placed under observation for Ebola in a Madrid hospital where a nursing assistant that became infected after working with two victims from Sierra Leone and Liberia, who later died. The infected woman’s husband is among those being observed. –ABC News
 Bad Moon Rising: “It’s not Halloween just yet, but that doesn’t mean the moon can’t…

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Undulatus Asperatus Clouds Provide Striking View

September 27, 2014

Originally posted on Natural Rain:

This particular time-lapse of undulatus asperatus clouds was created by animating still frames of a video taken by storm chaser Alex Schueth, who recorded the clouds over Lincoln, Nebraska, on July 7, 2014.

Undulatus Asperatus
This animation of undulatus asperatus was uploaded to Imgur and is a gif of the video taken by Alex Schueth.

Undulatus asperatus, which means “agitated waves,” was originally submitted to the WMO in 2009 by the Cloud Appreciation Society. The Cloud Appreciation Society petitioned the WMO, asking for a new classification for the cloud since “photographs of this cloud formation had been sent in by Society members over the years, and we’d never known quite how to classify them since we felt that they didn’t easily fit into the existing cloud terms.

The WMO considered the request and has yet to confirm the official classification of undulatus asperatus or determine whether the item should…

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What If? MSM Hoaxes and “The Boy that Cried Wolf”

September 22, 2014
Featured Image -- 3929

Originally posted on Justine Case:


What if???  Just things that make you go hmmm???  

Inspired by abraveheart1 <3

What if the truth movement is being set up just like the “Boy that Cried Wolf?”  It’s something to definitely think about.  We know that the powers that wannabe want a one world government and we know that these hoaxes aren’t getting them anywhere… well, for the most part in my honest opinion.

What happens when there really is an “event?”  We have so many in this movement that are set in their ways and automatically disbelieve everything coming from mainstream media (myself included!)

It appears the bases are loaded and they are looking to make a home run….  Will it be another hoax or the real deal???


Donna – Justine Case

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Scam Alert: Hospitals All Over America Are Wildly Inflating Medical Bills

September 22, 2014

Originally posted on Christian Patriots:


Image Credits: Dan Cox / Flickr

The next time you visit a hospital, it is your wallet that may end up hurting the most.  All over the United States, it has become common practice for hospitals to wildly inflate medical bills.  For example, it has been reported that some hospitals are charging up to 30 dollars for a single aspirin pill.  And as you will see below, some victims report being billed tens of thousands of dollars for a non-surgical hospital visit that lasts only a few hours.  When something is seriously wrong with us, most of us never stop to ask our health professionals how much it will cost to actually treat us.  In that moment, we are desperate and we just want someone to help us.  Many doctors and hospitals take full advantage of this by billing their “customers” as much as they feel they can possible get…

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Blood Moons, Eclipses and Cycles

September 8, 2014

Originally posted on Codgerville (Home of the Country Codger):

I have had this project on back burner for awhile and even now I will just present it briefly so you will have information that you can hopefully use to make decisions in the coming weeks and months ahead.

As children, the first cycle we become aware of is the cycle of seasons. Growing up on the Gulf Coast we had two seasons, hot and rainy, and cold and rainy. A mere 120 miles north of us, at my grandparents homes, there were 4 seasons. It wasn’t until many years later, while a student at Washington Bible College under the instruction of Dr. G.A. Miles, I learned about some of the biblical cycles. Thirty plus years later I have begun to realize there are numerous cycles, biblical and otherwise that exert influence over the way men act, conduct themselves and also, conduct their business affairs. It is the later that…

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Natural Hazard – Geo-Space Impact Event: Nicaragua

September 8, 2014

Originally posted on Head Space:

Natural Hazard – Geo-Space Event
Time: 2014-07-09, 18:18 UTC.
North AmericaNicaraguaDepartment of Managua, Managua
Location: N 12.1251061, W 86.2347713

Impact Event in Nicaragua on Sunday, 07 September, 2014 at 18:18 UTC.

Ground motion:

2014/09/06 00:00 to 2014/09/07 00:00 at NU.CRIN (Seismic Station at volcan San Cristobal, Nicaragua)

Recent 50 Hz Helicorder Displays

XAVN EHZ NU 00 : Xruta Xavier, Managua 09/08/2014 (00)

WILN SHZ NU 30 : Americas dos, Managua 09/08/2014 (00)

CRUN SHZ NU 00 : El Crucero, Managua 09/08/2014 (00)

‘Meteorite’ smashes into Nicaraguan capital (AFP)

Managua (AFP) – A mysterious explosion that rocked Nicaragua’s crowded capital Managua, creating a large crater, appears to have been caused by a small meteorite, officials said Sunday.

Amazingly, in a sprawling city of 1.2 million people, the impact near the international airport did not cause any known injuries, but it did leave a crater measuring 12 meters (39 feet) across…

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2nd. fissure eruption started.

August 31, 2014
Featured Image -- 3910

Originally posted on VolcanoCafé:

Today in the morning hours the fissure which had produced lava flows 2 days ago erupted again. One could get quite a good glimpse on the ongoing eruption on the Milacams.

The eruption occurs at the same place as last time ( Holuhraun). The fissure seems to be 1,5 to 1,8 km long. It appears in a place called Holuhraun ( Quote Carl: “Soon to be Holudyngja, and after that we have Holubunga.” ) but the lava comes from Bardarbunga through a fewer tube. The new shield volcano which might be forming does not yet have a magma chamber of its own.


Eruption starting.CreditS: Junior

Both following gifs by sCyborg

Tremor looked like this: Thanks BillG

fk1l5sImages from the University of Iceland start popping up on Twitter and many of them are simply stunning.



New lavaflows. Credit Uni Iceland via Twitter

New lavaflows. Credit Uni Iceland via Twitter

avalonlightphotoart did a lay over to google earth…

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