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Michigan Senator prevented from speaking at hearing on Lake Huron nuclear waste dump plans

August 25, 2014

Originally posted on nuclear-news:

exclamation-SmJoint Review Panel on nuclear waste dump refuses to hear Pavlov’s testimony By Jim BlocVoice Reporter Jim Bloch is a freelance writer. Contact him at

“…..Jamault said that the official list of all oral presenters will be published toward the end of August.
“Michigan State Sen. Pavlov has the full weight of the Michigan Senate behind him, and they are unanimous in their opposition to this plan,” said Beverly Fernandez, founder and spokesperson for the Canadian group Stop the Great Lakes Nuclear Dump. “We find it shocking that the Joint Review Panel denied Senator Pavlov the opportunity to present the concerns of Michiganders at the public hearings in Canada.”

Pavlov, who represents District 25, which includes St. Clair and Lapeer counties, has been spearheading a movement to derail the plans of Ontario Power Generation to construct a deep underground repository for low and medium nuclear…

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Central volcanoes of Vatnajökull

August 24, 2014
Featured Image -- 3901

Originally posted on VolcanoCafé:

Grimsvötn 2011 eruption arial photo.

Grimsvötn 2011 eruption arial photo.

Since times are quiet in Iceland I had decided to pick up on my never ending series about all of the Icelandic volcanoes. So I went digging for information on Fremrinamur volcano. But, to the delight of everyone there is almost no available information on that volcano, so that will be on the back burner for a while.

As I searched for information I stumbled on a small PDF from our hard working friends at the Icelandic Met Office, as we will see sometimes large things come in very small packages. Before we start I should though write a bit on what an Icelandic volcano is all about. Otherwise you will end up with a too simplified model of how it actually works.

Part of this post is based on this post:

Icelandic volcanism in brief

To understand our Icelandic volcanoes we have to…

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Facebook given 4 weeks to respond to “largest privacy class action in Europe”

August 22, 2014
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Originally posted on Naked Security:

Scales image courtesy of ShutterstockAustrian law student Max Schrems has won the first round in his class action lawsuit against Facebook over online privacy.

After an initial hearing yesterday, Austria’s Vienna Regional Court gave Facebook Ireland four weeks to respond, though it can ask the court for an extension of an additional four weeks if required.

Speaking after the decision, Mr Schrems said:

The order is very likely on the way to Facebook via registered mail. The first step in the legal procedure is hereby taken.

He also explained how the court could pass judgement in absence if Facebook Ireland failed to submit a counter-statement within the allowed timescale.

Schrems revealed that 25,000 users from outside of the US and Canada have signed up to support the case, subject to review by his legal team. This, he says, makes it “the largest privacy class action in Europe.”

A further 35,000 Facebook users have…

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Indian Uranium Corporation ordered to probe birth deformities near mines

August 22, 2014

Originally posted on nuclear-news:

hydrocephalus-babyThe health issue came to the attention of the High Court earlier this year after pictures of Jadugora’s deformed children appeared in the Indian press. The court in February ordered Uranium Corp. to produce documents that might shed light on the health issues. The court noted then that children living near the mines in Jadugora are “born with swollen heads, blood disorders and skeletal distortions.”

India Court Orders Uranium Corp. to Probe Deformities Near Mines Bloomberg By Rakteem Katakey and Tom Lasseter  Aug 20, 2014 India’s sole uranium mining company is being ordered by a regional court to disclose radiation levels and the presence of any heavy metals in soil and water in a cluster of villages with reports of unusual numbers of deformed and sick children.

The order by the Jharkhand High Court also mandates thatUranium Corp. of India Ltd.explain how it ensures the safety of…

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Bárðarbunga loves Grimsvötn = True

August 20, 2014
Featured Image -- 3892

Originally posted on VolcanoCafé:

Photograph by Eggert Norðdahl. All rights reserved and used under permission.

Photograph by Eggert Norðdahl. All rights reserved and used under permission.

I once again reiterate that it is Icelandic Met Office and Almannavarnadeild ríkislögreglustjóra that has the authority to issue warnings for Iceland in regards of eruptions and jökulhlaups.

For airborne ash advisories it is in the following order London VAAC and IMO that issues advisories. That being said here follows a brief update upon what is happening in Bárðarbunga and Grimsvötns fissure swarms.

Volcanic love in the ground

Who would have thought that the two largest volcanoes of their type on earth could make love to each other? Well, let me expound a bit on how they do it physically. For anyone who is a bit sensitive, this is where you should stop reading. It will get very graphical.

Since the seismic swarm started there has been quite a lot of confusion about what is going on, and where…

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Trident missiles ‘could be relocated to Plymouth from independent Scotland’ | UK news | The Guardian

August 14, 2014

The study acknowledges there would be safety concerns: “Introducing nuclear-armed [submarines] to Devonport will unavoidably introduce a new risk that an accidental ignition of one or all of a submarine’s Trident D5 missiles could spread radioactive material over some of Plymouth’s 260,000 inhabitants. read the entire article at : Trident missiles ‘could be relocated to Plymouth from independent Scotland’ | UK news | The Guardian.

There’s a police coup going on right now in Ferguson, Mo.

August 14, 2014

The tear gas was practically still in the air in the fall of 1968 when the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence — yes, that was a thing — formed a working group to probe the civil disorder that had just occurred at that year’s Democratic National Convention in Chicago. It was there, some will recall, that police in baby blue helmets clubbed and dragged bloodied anti-war protesters through the streets, while TV viewers looked on and crowds chanted, “The whole world is watching.” To describe the incomprehensible scenes, the so-called Walker Commission coined a new term. They called it a “police riot.

There’s been no police riot in Ferguson, Mo. — not yet anyway (and hopefully never). But what is happening in the working class suburb just outside of St. Louis is, in some ways, far worse. A tense situation in the aftermath of Saturday’s fatal shooting by a police officer of an unarmed college-bound 18-year-old named Mike Brown has been made much more tense, night after night, by brutal, bone-headed policing that makes one wonder if Birmingham’s brutal Bull Connor has been re-animated.

I thought I was losing my capacity to be shocked — but events in Missouri over just the last couple of hours have crossed a frightening line, one that makes me pray that this assault on fundamental American values is just the aberration of one rudderless Heartland community, and not the first symptoms of nation gone mad with high-tech weaponry to keep its own citizens in line.

This afternoon, several hundred citizens who gathered on a public street, in broad daylight, to air their grievances over Brown’s killing were met with a massive SWAT team, an armored personnel carrier, and men in camouflage pointing heavy artillery at the crowd. Two prominent credentialed journalists who tried to report on the event were arrested for a time, and there was a report that a state senator who questioned authorities about tear gas earlier was also in custody. All this as authorities continue to cover up the most basic information about what happened on the night Mike Brown was murdered.

The people in charge of a large American community are systematically shredding the United States Constitution tonight. It is nothing less than a police coup.

The Bill of Rights guarantees that all citizens have the right to assemble peacefully. And yet residents of Ferguson who gathered to protest under the bright August sun were met with a mid-sized Army of militarized cops, ordered off the public right-of-way, and ordered to go home, under the glare of a rifle mounted on a tripod. In a move that even George Orwell would not have believed, cops with loudspeakers insisted to the crowd, “You have the right to peacefully assemble – from 25 feet away.”

The Bill of Rights guarantees freedom of speech — but over these successive nights citizens who’ve tried to speak out of have had tear gas fired at them (in at least one case at a private citizen on his own lawn), then rubber bullets, as well as wooden pellets fired from guns.

The Bill of Rights protects the right of a free press — but apparently not in Ferguson, Mo., not tonight. Reporters from the Huffington Post and the Washington Post were arrested by cops inside a McDonald’s (!) as they were trying to file their reports; the Post’s Wesley Lowery, an African-American, was slammed into a soda fountain. They were eventually released (one small step for mankind) and when Lowery was asked, is he was more scared of the protesters or the cops, he answered: “Easy answer, i’m a black man – the police.” Other reporters, including two who happened to be black, said they were denied access to a news conference. Trymaine Lee, the former Daily News intern who went on to become a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, said on Twitter: “I’ve been told to disperse and go to my residence...”

America’s political traditions insist that the public has a right to know what its government is doing. This, too, has been ripped into a thousand pieces in Ferguson, Mo. The name of the officer who shot Mike Brown has been shielded from the public, and so have most basic facts of what occurred last weekend. A report from the medical examiner was censored to keep the public from even knowing how many times Brown was shot. What is Ferguson covering up?

There is a lot to talk about in the days and weeks ahead. For starters, authorities — not just in Missouri but around the nation — are going to need to explain the obscene (and obscenely expensive) over-militarization of American police departments, weaponry now aimed at the communities that these officers had sworn to protect and serve. Americans should not have to turn on their TV sets to see news that looks like it’s coming from ISIS-held territory in Iraq or Kandahar, until we see the McDonald’s arches in the background and realize that we are just 15 minutes from Busch Stadium. And there will need to be a massive conversation about community policing — especially in Ferguson, a majority black community where 94 percent of officers are white — but also anywhere where cops are seeing as suppressing communities instead of protecting them. And there must — and one cannot emphasize this enough — be real justice and accountability for the murder of Mike Brown.

But that is not the priority tonight. Tonight, someone with a cool head and the utmost respect for the U.S. Constitution — and frankly, I’m not sure who that is — needs to take control of the situation on the streets of Ferguson. And the first move is to end this police coup, immediately.
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There’s a police coup going on right now in Ferguson, Mo..


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