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Mystery Sound Heard Dec. 21st In Tulsa Area Alleged to Be Earthquake Boom Despite Quake Being Far Away

December 22, 2011

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Mystery Boom

Editor’s Note: Amie Gibson, a research scientist at the Oklahoma Geological Survey, released the following statement: “A booming sound can be associated with earthquakes but with the distance of this last night quake it is highly unlikely that this was the cause of the noise in Green Country.”

New information was released about some loud booms several people reported Wednesday.

The Oklahoma Geological Survey office in Leonard says the booms that happened at 10:14 p.m. last night may have came from an earthquake in Lincoln County. It was centered near Prague and measured a 2.6.

They say booms are common with earthquakes, and other booms people heard during the day Wednesday may have come from smaller earthquakes. (Yeah, ok…)

Oklahoma Earthquakes

There has been so many temblors near Lincoln, Oklahoma this month that you’d think someone would have heard booms like these, before now.  Check out the last 30 days in earthquakes for Oklahoma…

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