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3 large dangerous aftershocks hit Christchurch, New Zealand – 20 aftershocks in less than 10 hours

December 23, 2011

3 large dangerous aftershocks hit Christchurch, New Zealand – 20 aftershocks in less than 10 hours

Last update: December 23, 2011 at 10:58 am by By

Earthquake overview : Multiple aftershocks hit the city of Christchurch and his suburbs during the early afternoon of December 23. 2 major aftershocks measuring 5.8 and 5.9 magnitude were the largest since many months.

Goods have been shaken to the ground in a local supermarket

Update 10:52 UTC
It looks like the current epicenter can be called “little out of range” of the other powerful earthquakes. The epicenter of the initial quake who triggered the other ones was was located a little out of the coast. Hopefully this will not start off a new episode of aftershocks

Update 10:51 UTC
Earthquake Recovery Minister Gerry Brownlee has travelled back to the city to assess the situation.

Update 10:43 UTC
Since the mainshock we have counted 20 aftershocks. 3 aftershocks had a magnitude equal or bigger than M 5.0 – 11 where M 4.0 up to M 4.9 and 6 were in between M 3 and M 4. Looking at the current profile we see a gradual decrease in strength.

Update 07:58  UTC : At this time there are still thousands of people without power.

Update – Police report issued at 08:51 Pm local time : Christchurch Police are focusing on reassurance and public safety as the city reels from severe aftershocks this afternoon. Acting District Commander Inspector John Price says the city has again proved resilient following the swarm of tremors that included a magnitude 5.8 shake at 1.58pm and a 6.0 at 3.18pm. “Fortunately there have been no reports of serious or widespread damage or injury. No fatalities resulting from the aftershocks have been reported. “Police and other emergency services responded rapidly as the afternoon’s events unfolded.
“All available Police units were mobilized across the city to provide a high-visibility reassurance presence and check on safety and damage – especially out in the Eastern suburbs. “That focus on reassurance will continue tomorrow. We will be working with CERA, the Fire Service, MSD and other agencies to coordinate a major door-knocking operation in the Eastern suburbs tomorrow to check on residents’ safety and welfare. “We urge residents to check on their neighbours and make sure people nearby are safe and well. “Today’s aftershocks will put added stress on people at what is already a stressful time of year. We hope people avoid adding too much alcohol into that mix – we don’t need disorder and crime on top of today’s events.” Inspector Price says Police were continuing to advise motorists to exercise caution on the roads. “This was already a busy time of year, and there are indications that the volume of traffic heading out of town has been increasing steadily. “During the afternoon we saw significant congestion across the city as people rushed to get home or check on friends and family. “We continue to urge motorists to slow down and be patient.” Police say some new damage to roads has been reported in the Eastern suburbs, similar to what those areas have experienced previously. Inspector Price says the Christchurch Central Police station is continuing to operate. The building has been checked twice this afternoon by engineers, and is safe to access. As with previous earthquakes, floors above Level 4 currently have limited access until repairs have been made to superficial damage including fallen ceiling tiles and cracked infill panels.

Update : The quake has cut power to about 26,000 households. The power companies have warned customers that they may expect regular power cuts during the following days (for repair work)

3 large dangerous aftershocks hit Christchurch, New Zealand – 20 aftershocks in less than 10 hours.

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