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Warning of the possibility of an international movement of the Dead Sea rift –

December 30, 2011

تحذير دولي من احتمال تحرك صدع البحر الميت


google translation:

Tuesday, the likelihood of movement of the Dead Sea rift, indicating that the fault line that is “the deepest and deadliest in the Middle East.”

The “Office of the United Nations Strategy for Disaster Reduction, the rift, which separates between the plates Aljiulocetin African and Asian makes his way from Ethiopia to the south and east of Lebanon through the Bekaa Valley.”

It is noteworthy that the movement of the rift in 1759 caused the violent earthquake of magnitude 7 degrees on the Richter scale, resulting in the deaths of about 40 thousand people in the area around the Lebanese capital Beirut, according to the transfer of the website of the United Nations.

Experts expect the return of seismic activity in the area at time intervals ranging from 250 to 300 years, according to the source.

And earthquakes is a earthquakes affect the earth’s crust and spread in the form of waves in large areas. And suffer the Earth’s crust is always movements seismic due to the instability of its interior, but these shocks sustained are usually so weak that we do not feel it is monitored by only monitoring devices (Asmugerav – seismograph) arise in the event of cracking and breaking in the Earth’s crust because of the imbalance in it.

And three types of earthquakes: volcanic earthquakes: occurrence and associated volcanic activity, and other tectonic, and a third Blutunah occur at a depth of immemorial within the earth.

This year has seen the heaviest devastating earthquake of magnitude 9 degrees on the Richter scale hit Japan in March / March last, note that the most violent earthquakes recorded occurred in Chile in 1960, a magnitude reading of 9.5.


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