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Cyclone Thane Makes Landfall in Southern India.

December 31, 2011

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December 30, 2011 –Cyclone Thane Makes Landfall in Southern India:Cyclone Thane ripped through coastal districts in southern India Friday, killing at least 33 people and damaging thousands of homes. The storm over the Bay of Bengal made landfall between Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu state and the federally administered territory of Pondicherry Friday morning, the Indian Meteorological Department said. Large areas were flooded, trees and power lines were uprooted and transportation was disrupted after heavy rains and winds with speeds up to 140 kilometers per hour (87 MPH) battered the area.Twenty-one people died in Cuddalore – either crushed under collapsed houses and fallen trees, or electrocuted by downed wires, officials told the IANS news agency. Five people died in three other districts of Tamil Nadu, while seven people were killed in Pondicherry, which was cut off from neighboring areas as trees blocked key highways. Heavy rains also…

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