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December 31, 2011

Murmurs from the Earth...

A Magnitude 4.0 earthquake was reported this afternoon at 20:04:58 UTC in northeastern Ohio.  This is in the same area as a sequence of earthquakes thought to be associated with injection wells used to dispose of oil drilling waste fluids.  The injection wells operations were suspended yesterday by the state of Ohio and the operator of the well.

Even though my seismograph in Millersburg, OH  is not well suited to picking up local earthquakes and the display has been quite noisy the last few days, with a small amount of processing I did pick up a signal that appears to be caused by the earthquake in question.

The USGS arrival time information is shown:

DATE-(UTC)-TIME    LAT    LON     DEPTH MAG   Q   COMMENTS 2011/12/31 20:04:58  41.16N  80.73W   2.2 4.0      us: YOUNGSTOWN-WARREN AREA, delta   azimuth (degrees clockwise from north) (deg)      eq-to-station     station-to-eq 1.06          236.2              55.4 travel   arrival time #  code      time(s)  dy hr…

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