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Day 301 “This is going to continue for hundreds and hundreds of years…”

January 7, 2012


Concise, direct, informative:

Dr. Jeffrey Patterson, former president of Physicians for Social Responsibility

Jeffrey Patterson on Nuclear Power and Human Health


In case you haven’t found it yet, a GREAT URL for news updates can be found at the Greenpeace site at:

Some other updates:

Japan Likely to Take Control of TEPCO by Buying Common Stock


This has been reported on several sites carrying Fukushima Daiichi news:

Mysterious Spike in Cesium Fallout in Fukushima on Jan 2, 2012

with charts, graphs and explanation at:


However, there are other opinions on this… for example, this comment from the Safecast listserv:

Subject: [Safecast Jpn] Re: Cesium Rise in Fukushima?

The Fukushima Prefecture table
actually show an average daily increase of 560% if you compare the 6 days prior to January 2 with the 3 days starting from January 2. This is a quite significant percentage…

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