This spike in radiation was detected on the 8th January 2012, on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. The wind direction was NNE at 22degrees. Geiger Counter Alarm starting going off at around 6.30 pm. Raised radiation levels lasted until around 9.45 pm.

The Gammascout Geiger Counter alert alarm was set to go off at .50 uS/Hr, and to record data every 10 minutes. I was shocked  to hear the Geiger alarm going off. Visual observations showed actual peaks reaching  .80 uS/Hr.  Even though this chart  of the downloaded 10 minute interval recorded data is not showing the true peaks that occurred, it is still dramatic.

 If the maximum visual observed peak had been recorded, the peak on this chart would be over twice as high!

The beginning of the chart   would be considered average background for our area. Background radiation levels here, with 4 years of recorded data to refer to, has averaged around .10 uS/Hr. The background radiation level was peaking 8 times above average during this event!

Either some of the radioactive fall out from Fukushima has briefly reached us, or there is some seismic activity N/NE of our location in the Pacific Ocean which has released a spike in radon gas. Just a theory.

The dramatic drop in background reading just before the spike is also interesting. Anyone have any ideas?

I promised members that I would post any unusual radiation data, I just didn’t expect to be doing this so soon.