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Strong extremely dangerous earthquake in Iran near Nayshabur and Mashhad

January 19, 2012


Update 14:00 :
There are no traces of a recent damaging earthquake close to the current epicenter, which makes it difficult for estimations of damage. Another important aspect of the earthquake being dangerous or not is the focal depth or the hypocenter. If very shallow (10.4 km is very shallow) than the impact will be very high.

Update 13:55 :
Wapmerr the theoretical earthquake damage engine is expecting from 0 to 350 fatalities and from 100 to 2,000 injured people. Theoretical calculations can be very difficult as the location of the epicenter (and this the error margin – see below) can create less or even more damage. Theoretical damage engines are taking into account the historic earthquakes as well.
Wapmerr has used VII MMi for 176,350 people, 28,511 people at VI MMI and 112,101 as V MMI.

Update 13:36 : calls this earthquake EXTREMELY dangerous due to the close-by city of Nayshabur and the type of fault zones in the area. Iran has very well organized and trained earthquake rescue teams. One of the major problems at the moment will be the darkness.  It is currently 17:32 in Iran.

Neyshabur street scene – image courtesy

Update 13:30 :
Nayshabur ((also written as Nishapur or Neyshaboor) has 221000 people and is located very close to the epicenter on the USGS version.
IIEES reports the epicenter at 13 km from Nayshabur. This city is one of the most prosperous in Iran!

Update 13:27 :
Location Uncertainty horizontal +/- 13.6 km (8.5 miles); depth +/- 4 km (2.5 miles)

Update 13:19 :
Following the calculations of USGS 265,000 people will experience a very strong shaking

Update 13:18 :
A few very big cities are located in an area of max. 65 km.

Update 13:10 :
A magnitude 5.6 earthquake has caused casualties in Mashhad in Northern Iran.

Update 13:05 :
The earthquake was felt for 5-7 seconds but very strongly.

Update 13:00 UTC :
The earthquake has caused disruptions in telecommunications.

Shaking map from this earthquake – max. VII MMI for the direct epicenter area – map courtesy USGS

Strong extremely dangerous earthquake in Iran near Nayshabur and Mashhad.

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