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HEROES, CHEMTRAILS, SOLAR ACTIVITY AND 2012: Speculative Connections

February 17, 2012


Is Tim Kring in on a secret?   Perhaps he was just exhibiting creative license with some theories that were already widely known in certain circles when he created his hit television series “Heroes”.  Notice the eclipse that introduces every Heroes episode.


Recent anomalous research findings by scientists at Perdue University have led them to speculate that the  sun is changing the rate of radioactive decay; this is something unprecedented, unheard of.

Some researchers believe that a massive leap in human evolution is occuring right now.  The following is a quote from Sol Luckman author of Conscious Healing: Book One on the Regenetics Method

A growing number of researchers such as Sergey Smelyakov, author of a fascinating paper entitled “The Auric Time Scale and the Mayan Factor,” in addition to many indigenous peoples worldwide, theorize that as Galactic Center becomes more energized, it catalyzes human evolution through frequency emissions…

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