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February 18, 2012

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October 8, 2012 Democracy is Dead in America: Hillary Clinton calls for Egypt, Syria, Libya, and China to “democratize.” But democracy, as practiced by the US and other developed countries, is a fraud. It is just a way for the insiders to scam money and power from the outsiders, by pretending that the voters are in charge.

How many taxpayers would vote to spend about $10,000 each on the war against Iraq?

How many would vote for the latest mortgage deal…where homeowners who saved their money and paid their mortgages are forced to make up for those who bought houses recklessly…and then couldn’t make their payments?

How many would vote to bail out Goldman Sachs…Bank of America…or Citigroup?

But voters never get a chance to vote on the issues. They vote for candidates…financed by insiders, with agendas the outsiders cannot even imagine.

The word ‘democracy’…

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