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2/26/2012 — 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Siberia Russia = Global unrest obvious

February 26, 2012

watch the video update here:


screenshot from earthquake 3D (February 26, 2012 100am CST)

The movement continues to increase — swarms of 5.0M+ earthquake, plus swarms occurring in Hawaii, Vanuatu, and Puerto Rico.

South Americas coast is literally cluttered with 4.0 and 5.0M earthquakes spanning the entire continent (in the past 24 hours)… also the west pacific … new zealand north to vanuatu.. west through indonesia.. north through the philippines … terminating in tawian with the 5.9M just a few hours ago (2/25/2012).

Be aware of the threat to the west coast USA — last weeks 6.0 and 5.6M.. also the 4.0M+ earthquakes along the edge of the north american craton (new madrid seismic zone) and northeast in Quebec / Ontario canada.

The whole earth is in a obvious state of “unrest” , earthquake prone areas should be on alert.. and NON earthquake prone areas should be aware of…

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