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Etna Has Its Third Major Eruption of 2012 | Wired Science |

March 5, 2012

Etna just keeps on rolling. The Italian volcano had its third paroxysm of 2012 (see above) on March 4 and its first since early February. This new eruption was a short event that was preceded by 18 days worth of small strombolian activity. The event may have been only ~2 hours, but it produced some spectacular explosions, aiding in some part by interaction with snow, and a pyroclastic flow was spotted as well. Osservatario Etneo reported that even a small lahar was produced during this paroxysm as a result of volcanic material mixing with snow. Air traffic around Sicily was not effected by this paroxysm. As usual, Eruptions readers were all over the event, capturing web cam captures and images (below), and Boris Behncke snapped a few shots of the action as usual.

The plume from the March 4, 2012 eruption of Etna in Italy.

Image 1: Etna erupting on March 4, 2012 / Dr. Boris Behncke, Flickr
Image 2: Webcam capture of the March 4, 2012 eruption of Etna / Eruptions reader Gitta Dodt

Etna Has Its Third Major Eruption of 2012 | Wired Science |

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  1. March 6, 2012 7:32 am

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    March 6, 2012 – Etna Volcanic Eruption: Their is nothing like a good volcanic eruption after some music. Mount Etna is one of my favorites because it figures into Edgar Cayce’s prophecies about the”end times” or the “transition times” to, ultimately a better life, with about four or five billion less people. Thanks to the “Abraveheart1” blog for the post.
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