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Hernando, Florida. June 26th, 2012.

June 27, 2012

Sinkholes seem to be swallowing up more and more parts of Hernando County.

There are sinkholes all over the place in part of the Trillum subdivision in Hernando County.

There are about 20 so far and that number could grow. Some are away from homes and some are too close for comfort.

“People have lost their front yards. We have lost sidewalks. It swallowed trees,” said Teresa Hundley, Trillum resident.

Hundley lives in one of about 23 or more homes threatened by the sinkhole outbreak. She and her family have been told to pack up and leave.

“They told us we could possibly lose our homes over here because so many of them have opened,” Hundley said.

Part of Kelly Gregoire’s backyard has caved in. She and her family are prepared to leave.

“Yeah we are prepared now but still in shock and I don’t think you are ever prepared…

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