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United Nations Ambassador John Bolton adds his voice to several others who believe the growing Benghazi scandal could lead to the “unraveling” of the Obama administration.

May 7, 2013

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If  Bill Clinton’s lying about  an indiscretion that  took place in the  White House led  to  Impeachment   proceedings.  Then how can  anyone justify not taking the  same  course of  action  on a  lie and the  cover up of  the  death  of 4 American citizens???

The  consensus thus far had been that  Obama’s  failure to follow through on  campaign promises  was not an  impeachable offense.  The  reason  being that campaign  promises  are  meant to  be  broken  as  they are  just a  means  to an end.  In other words  they  will say  whatever the people  want  to  hear to   get  elected.  The comparison made  on  many  occasions is  that one  cannot compare   what  Clinton did  to  what Obama had  done because   Clinton  lied to  the  People directly  and  under  oath.  Well one wonders what the  excuses will be  now.  Since  Obama and his   administration have  lied at  every turn to  …

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