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Good News From Benghazi, The IRS, Syria And Obama

May 20, 2013

Video Rebel's Blog

Netanyahu has been  to China and Russia. Both Netanyahu and Secretary of State John Kerry wanted Russia to back down from their support for Syria. And fortunately for us, they were sent home with a stern warning. The Russians have sent 12 additional ships into the Mediterranean to emphasize their dissenting view.

Things are going well for the Syrians on the ground. In less than 90 days the Syrians will have a force of 150,000 newly trained volunteers ranging in age  from 18 to 26 to augment their regular army. This will greatly increase Syria’s ability to respond quickly to attacks from NATO’s mercenaries. Over 100,00 Syrians have been killed by the invading thugs. They have butchered unarmed women and children. They have burned down mosques and churches. They gouged out the eyes of priests. In 90 days the NATO countries will have to give up on this foolish proxy…

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