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59: New activity reported at Japan’s Satsuma-Iwo-jima (Kikai) volcano

June 7, 2013

The Extinction Protocol

June 7, 2013JAPANNew activity seems to have started from Satsuma-Iwo-jima (Kikai) volcano. A steam-gas and possibly ash-containing plume has been observed on satellite images and a thermal anomaly was visible on recent MODIS satellite data. On yesterday morning’s NASA Aqua satellite image, the plume from the volcano was about 70 km long to the SW. A thermal anomaly was visible already on images from 23 May. Kikai south of Kyushu Island it is the northernmost of the volcanic Ryukyu island chain that stretches between Japan and Taiwan. The volcano has a very dangerous history- with a historical past eruption as large as Tambora. FLORES: Meanwhile, the alert level has been raised on the Kelimutu volcano in Flores. VSI raised the alert level of the volcano on Flores, famous for its 3 differently colored crater lakes, from 1 to 2 (“normal” to ‘waspada,’ ‘watch’) on a scaled of…

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