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Bilderberg vs. Edward Snowden: Opposite Ends of the Moral Spectrum

June 10, 2013

Scriptonite Daily


Last weekend, the World’s Most Powerful hid behind a £2m tax payer funded security cordon to conduct their latest clandestine meeting safe from public scrutiny. Meanwhile, a whistle blower waived his anonymity to reveal the largest illegal surveillance operation (by governments, on citizens around the world) in history.  The comparison tells a story about the opposite ends of the moral spectrum – at one end, the self-indulgent chicanery of the global elite; at the other, the heroic stand of the little guy, shining the light of truth into the darkness.

The Bilderbergers


In 1884, the leaders of the European Powers met at the Berlin Conference, and carved up the Magnificent African Cake.  The continent of Africa was divided up along their negotiated lines of interest – creating countries which had not existed before.  This meeting formalised the Colonial Period, saw the genocide of multiple racial and…

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