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How to communicate danger to future generations?

July 29, 2013

Global News

TORONTO – As countries around the world choose to bury nuclear waste as a containment method, they’ll need to make it immune to decay, future ice ages and tectonic shifts. But the trickiest part may be keeping people out: How do you communicate the dangers of what’s buried beneath the Earth’s surface to people 10,000 years in the future?

Known as “Deep Geological Repositories” (DGR) these mines located 500m to 1000m underground are used in Finland, Sweden, the United States and being considered by more than seven other countries as a solution to storing toxic, radioactive waste.

In Canada, Ontario Power Generation is in the process of applying for a license from the federal government that would permit it to bury 200,000 m³ of low- and intermediate-level nuclear waste 680 metres underneath the Bruce Power nuclear plant located fewer than 2 km from Lake Huron nestled in the heart of…

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