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Pilot Whales Beach in West Iceland

September 12, 2013

The ocean update

whales_rif_stefan_ingvar_gudmundsson_04September 9th, 2013. Up to 100 pilot whales swam into the harbor at Rif in Snæfellsnes, West Iceland, on Saturday. Attempts were made by local residents to direct the whales back out to sea but around ten whales died.

 Around 200 people—both locals and tourists—gathered on the beach yesterday afternoon to view the dead whales, with some people cutting the meat from the carcasses to take home, reports.

 However, Róbert Arnar Stefánsson, biologist at the West Iceland Institute of Natural History, says that proper procedures were not followed when the whales drifted into the harbor.

 According to Róbert, the chief veterinary surgeon should decide on the right path of action and whether to kill or try to save the whales. He points out that a rifle should be used to kill the whales if they cannot be saved and that if the animals lie motion-free that does…

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