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The Halloween Storms of 2003 – SpaceWeatherLive special

October 28, 2013

Today exactly 10 years ago, giant sunspot group 486 rotated fully into view. This region was a huge sunspot group which produced some of the strongest solar flares ever recorded. One of them was a massive X28 solar flare on November 4th 2003.

Sunspot group 486 was however not alone. Two other giant sunspot groups, 484 and 488, also produced some major flares. These groups launched some extraordinarily fast Coronal Mass Ejections and produced extremely strong geomagnetic storms here on Earth. Aurora was visible on latitudes as low as Texas in the United States and Portugal in Europe. This period will always be remembered as The Halloween Storms of 2003.

SpaceWeatherLive celebrates this 10 year anniversary with a very detailed YouTube video about all the events that occurred in this period. We take a look at the sunspot groups, all the major flares and CMEs, and of course the geomagnetic storms.

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