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Electromagnetic Pulse, Thinking the Unthinkable

November 6, 2013
FireShot Screen Capture #280 - 'EMP_report_pdf' - www_independentlivingnews_com_pdf_EMP_report_pdf_AID=2334
A major threat to America exists today that could wreak utter havoc on the nation’s electronic
systems —shutting down not only our power grids, but also the sources of power themselves.
The result would be a complete disruption of our financial and banking institutions, the
halting of our vast transportation and supply chain infrastructures, and it would mean quite
simply: the complete shutdown of anything and everything containing electronics, up to and
including communication equipment and life care systems. Like most modern civilizations,
the physical and social fabric of the United States is reliant on a complex and dynamic network
of interlocking and interdependent systems.
Read the entire article EMP_report.pdf.
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