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The Lowdown on Crop Circles

November 18, 2013

The Mysterious Past

The dewy air hangs still before dawn the a rural farming district of Wiltshire, England. A small glowing ball appears hovering over a wheat field. It stops and great sections of wheat below fall uniformly into a complex geometric pattern, steam rising from the design.

cube crop circle mystery
What are Crop Circles?
Crop Circles are generally defined as: “An area of standing crops that has been flattened in the form of a circle or other pattern.” They appear all over the earth every year, but are most prominent and well known on the farmlands of England. There are over 100 documented sightings each year on average [1], most of the reports coming from disgruntled farmers.

The First Circles

“Unexplained geometric designs occurred in the fields of wheat and corn in Scotland in 1678, and rural residents of England speak of the “corn fairies” that made similar designs in the fields in the…

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