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“A Sqirrel dying in your front yard may be more relevant to your Interests right now than people dying in Africa.” – Mark Zuckerberg

December 9, 2013

Alt News Reports

If you think it could not have been possible that Mark Zuckerberg would ever have made such a colossally insenstive statement such as this, then watch the video below. If you think that a shameful degree of sheer and absolute pettiness has not overwhelmed and buried the better natures of almost everyone who spends excessive time on Facebook, then you haven’t been reading the contents of FB lately.

In fact, this “new pettiness” has emerged everywhere on the internet, as the most inane of human events, that could never be deemed newsworthy in a normal society now pass as “news” with months and months of headlines following ridiculously small non-news events. Examples are below. They are only worth repeating as sad and sorry examples of the state of stupidity that American society has now achieved. What’s worse, as much as 20 to 40% of news headlines on some news…

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