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Solar Storm Forecast 01-08-13

January 8, 2014

A new monster sunspot cluster on the Sun has elevated activity to a whole new level this week! We’ve had multiple M-class flares and an X1.2-flare on January 7th from this monster region (AR#1944) that have sent two solar storms our direction. One storm has just hit Earth as of this posting and the second, a potentially strong solar storm (NOAA category G3), is expected to hit Earth on January 9th. This latter storm could bring aurora to mid-latitudes as low as Colorado and Spain in the north and the souther tip of Australia in the south.

We are also in the middle of a strong solar radiation storm (just skimming below NOAA category S3) thanks to a West limb M-flare on January 6th and the X-flare on January 7th. NASA radiation dose models for aviation show yellow safety alerts for pregnant women traveling on certain long-duration flight paths, especially at high latitudes.

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