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Pretty Crazy Right?

January 26, 2014

Dark Matters a Lot

I’ll have to admit that I have predicted some pretty crazy things from my version of M Theory, right?  If you get right down to it, my predictions pretty much say that mainstream geophysics has this place pretty much bass-ackwards.  Mainstream physics thinks all of these Ice Halos are just an optical effect. Hell, my theory says some of these halos have as much energy as possibly the Earth all curled up in a string with tension passing through the center of those halos and sun dogs, which are really lensed pairs in my therory.  And all those cirrus clouds, well, they are just condensing wisps of water vapor along the surface of that high energy string of vacuum energy.

So as crazy as it sounds, if you were to fly a plane or rocket into one of those Sun Dogs within the cirrus clouds, you ought to get maybe…

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