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Tulis demands air data, says aerial spraying probably not illegal

June 3, 2014


Federal law leaves open emergency measures to save the planet, but bans chemical spraying of civilian populations if part of a test, absent written consent.

 Radio station owner David Tulis is filing an open records request with the Chattanooga Hamilton County air pollution control bureau. In paperwork sent Monday through the leisurely U.S. mails, Tulis hopes to find ground for his suspicions that jet-caused haze and clouds over Chattanooga are a health risk.

“We in Chattanooga want to be a blue city, not in the sense of politics, but because I think people want to see blue skies once again,” Tulis says. “Artists doing landscapes of the city now have to imagine blue skies for their paintings, because the sky isn’t blue any more. It’s a kind of muzzy haze — a muddy, sloppy white that dims the sun.”

Tulis says people should be thankful the Obama administration has ramped up what he refers to as “solar radiation management” to dim the sun, which pours heat down upon the surface of…

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