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NOAA Admits Few Hurricanes Due To La Nina Upwelling In Both Atlantic AND Pacific Oceans, As Equator Cools

August 12, 2014

Culture of Life News

la nina conditions in both Atlantic and Pacific oceans

As I predicted many weeks ago, this year’s hurricane season will be a bust.  Since I predicted this, the Atlantic Ocean in the equatorial belt has been so cold, it looks like an la Nina event.  Simultaneously, the Pacific cooled in the equator, too!  Meanwhile, the warmists triumphantly announced that last June was the hottest month, ever, due to the oceans being warmer, is pure bunk.  Look at the picture above: the Antarctic ice is very big this year and the Arctic ice is big, too!  How’s that?  Record cold highs across the US, too, this summer meaning, even in Death Valley, it is colder than normal, often, far colder.

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