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2nd. fissure eruption started.

August 31, 2014


Today in the morning hours the fissure which had produced lava flows 2 days ago erupted again. One could get quite a good glimpse on the ongoing eruption on the Milacams.

The eruption occurs at the same place as last time ( Holuhraun). The fissure seems to be 1,5 to 1,8 km long. It appears in a place called Holuhraun ( Quote Carl: “Soon to be Holudyngja, and after that we have Holubunga.” ) but the lava comes from Bardarbunga through a fewer tube. The new shield volcano which might be forming does not yet have a magma chamber of its own.

21onbyd Eruption starting.CreditS: Junior

Both following gifs by sCyborg

Tremor looked like this: Thanks BillG

fk1l5sImages from the University of Iceland start popping up on Twitter and many of them are simply stunning.



New lavaflows. Credit Uni Iceland via Twitter New lavaflows. Credit Uni Iceland via Twitter

avalonlightphotoart did a lay over to google earth…

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