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Gaseous State – Ground proof verification pending

April 11, 2015

Head Space

Recycled News October 9, 2014:

Natural Hazard: Methane Plume

North America – USA | U.S. Southwest, Four Corners Region
Location: 36°59’56.3″N 109°02’42.1″W

U.S. Methane ‘Hot Spot’ Bigger than Expected

One small “hot spot” in the U.S. Southwest is responsible for producing the largest concentration of the greenhouse gas methane seen over the United States – more than triple the standard ground-based estimate — according to a new study of satellite data by scientists at NASA and the University of Michigan.

Methane is very efficient at trapping heat in the atmosphere and, like carbon dioxide, it contributes to global warming. The hot spot, near the Four Corners intersection of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Utah, covers only about 2,500 square miles (6,500 square kilometers), or half the size of Connecticut.

Rio Grande Rift Crustal Boundaries Rio Grande Rift Crustal Boundaries: 1. 1.8–1.65-Ga contractional amalgamation of lithosphere in the southwestern United States produced major northeast-striking tectonic boundaries. Cheyenne…

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