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A Walk In The Grass, on Cement, and Asphalt

July 7, 2015

Musings from the Chiefio

Tonight I went for a short stroll outside. The sun was down hours ago as it is now about midnight.

As usual, I was barefoot. I spend as much time as possible unshod. (It’s a long story…)

This has given me ‘educated feet’. I grew up running from white paint stripe to grass patch on the mile walk to the city swimming pool. Shade was cherished. Black asphalt in the sun a known hell. Albedo education by contact…

Tonight I was reminded of that. A first step onto the walkway that had been shaded most of the day, but with some afternoon sun, was pleasant. Just a touch of warmth. A stray step to the side onto grass was cold and a surprise reminder to say on the path… Despite identical sun, the grass was cold, the path warm.

Stepping out into the street, the warmth was greater. Asphalt is…

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