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To destroy a people, first destroy their culture…

June 7, 2017

Source: To destroy a people, first destroy their culture…

California Wildfires: Thousands Flee as Valley and Butte Blazes Force Evacuations – NBC News

September 13, 2015

Firefighters in northern California were battling a fast-moving wildfire early Sunday that had razed buildings, forced thousands to flee, and sent four firefighters to hospital with second-degree burns

Source: California Wildfires: Thousands Flee as Valley and Butte Blazes Force Evacuations – NBC News

September 13, 2015

The Kavachi Sharcano

July 11, 2015

Watts Up With That?

Guest Post by Willis Eschenbach

The Solomon Islands, where I lived for eight years, is just north of Australia and just south of the Equator. It is part of the “Ring Of Fire”, the area of strong earthquake and volcanic activity that encircles the Pacific. You can see below that the islands are on a plateau, with a clearly visible earthquake fault just south of (below) the island group. This fault is actually the line where the Indo-Pacific plate (lower left) dives under the Pacific plate (upper right), and has been diving there since forever. As a result it is the location of an unending string of earthquakes, tsunami, and vulcanism. You can also see another fault that starts just above the lower left corner and comes up to the right.

Google Earth kavachi volcanoFigure 1. The Google Earth view of the Solomon Islands. The capital is Honiara, on Guadalcanal Island.

And along…

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Bumblebees Supposedly Dying Due To Slightly Warmer Temperatures

July 10, 2015

Culture of Life News

Global warming ‘killing off bees’ because they are not migrating north claims the latest ‘study’.  This shows exactly how childish, stupid and mindless the pursuit of global warming grants have destroyed scientific thinking.  Anyone with half a brain can figure out how stupid this study is.  Ahem: BUMBLEBEES HAVE SURVIVED GIGANTIC CLIMATE CHANGES.   Over the eons, they survived multiple Ice Ages, super warm cycles, dinosaur annihilation, etc.

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July 7, 2015


“Just as the use of nuclear energy for military purposes the use of nuclear fission for peaceful purposes in nuclear reactors is a crime against all of humanity.”

We Will NOT GO QUIETLY INTO DISASTER.  #StopMoorside  demonstration tomorrow 7th July in Kendal 

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Freaky Algae Bloom in North Atlantic Looks Like Dead Zone Eddy

July 7, 2015


Back in March, we reported on a new study that found algae blooms concentrating in ocean eddies off Africa were generating mobile dead zones threatening sea life in the Tropical Atlantic. Based on recent satellite imagery analysis, such phenomena may not just be isolated to regions off the Ivory Coast and Gibraltar. It instead appears that mobile and potentially oxygen-depleting algae blooms may also be cropping up in the far North Atlantic.

Deadzone Eddie

(Is the North Atlantic starting to see eddies which host ocean dead zones? The image above appears to show just such a feature. Image source: LANCE MODIS.)

Ever since mid-June, a strange feature has been visible in the satellite shot of an ocean region bracketed by Iceland, Svalbard, and the center of the Scandinavian Coastline. The area appears to include a major algae bloom which has been swept up into an ocean eddy. Measuring about 30…

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